Marian Weygers

 Marian Weygers- the widow of Alex Weygers, is also an artist in her own right. She was a graduate of the University of California Berkeley as an art major and went on to teach in the public schools. At Berkeley Mrs. Weygers worked under the renowned professor, Chiura Obata, and from him studied sumi ink painting and design.

Later on Marian developed a process of print making that she called, imprints from nature. Her prints are made with actual leaves, grasses, flowers, rocks, and insects. The plants themselves are used as a printers block or plate and are printed by hand. To make a perfect print requires careful manipulation of the ink, as well as pressure and control with hands and fingers. It is the intent of the artist to make a clean, meticulous print of the natural beauty of the plants, while at the same time producing an artistic result of good composition and arrangement.

Marian resides in Carmel Valley, California and is very active in environmental and civic issues.